Organizational Behavior report on HP

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Hewlett Packard: Changing of the Guards Hewlett Packard: Changing of the Guards EXECUTIVE SUMMARY HP has proven to be a successful company but the recent recession, strong competitors, and expectations of stakeholders for improvement has initiated some problems within the company. This report examines some leadership issues at HP and proposes solutions for them. An organization’s leadership plays an important role in defining the ethical values, innovation standards and its culture. An organization’s culture can become more of a liability when the shared values are not in agreement with the leaders that will further the organization’s effectiveness, especially when they are hired externally and not properly socialized into…show more content…
Unfortunately throughout the past decade, HP has not been able to adhere to its own company standards. Since 1999, HP has seen three different people take the leadership position as the company’s CEO. As a result, various problems have arisen that have not only affected the company financially, but have also destroyed the reputation that the founders have strived so hard to build. This report analyzes the impact that HP leaders have had on the company. The first section of the report discusses past cultural, ethical, and creative problems that occurred under the leadership of Carly Fiorina and Mark Hurd. The second section discusses current problems that have occurred under the current CEO Léo Apotheker. It also considers future problems that may arise if no changes are made. The third section of the report discusses organizational behaviour related solutions to HP’s cultural, ethical, and creative problems. Lastly, the report contains an implementation plan that will facilitate the execution of our recommended solutions. 1 Hewlett Packard: Changing of the Guards PAST PROBLEMS Culture With the hiring of Carly Fiorina as HP’s new CEO in July 1999, the corporate culture and core values of HP began a dramatic change. Fiorina, an
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