Organizational Behaviorial Case Study

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Organizational Behavioral Study for Adobe Systems Incorporated University of Phoenix School of Advanced Studies Abstract Adobe Systems Incorporated is committed to innovation. In 1982, Chuck Geschke and John Warnock founded Adobe when they set out to solve the problem of getting text and images on a computer screen. In 1983 they launched Adobe Post Script and were embraced as industry visionaries and leaders. Adobe’s Portable Document Format or PDF provided solutions for businesses and allowed enterprises to use this format in a secure manner. Adobe Systems is the leading provider of graphic design, publishing, and imaging software for Web and print production. The research for this paper shows Adobe Systems Incorporated commitment to…show more content…
This study contributes to highlighting and substantiating Adobes assertions. The study will identify the additional steps Adobe will need to take to build its competitive advantage and increase its market share. Adobe will also use the additional information provided by this study to increase the performance of the entire organization. The information obtained from this study will offer a wide variety of information from its current diverse work force. Gathering this information will also, help the organization understand if the operational structure currently used is effective enough to sustain growth or identify if a change in the way the organization operation needs to be made. In addition, this study will provide vital information as it pertains to the way the organization runs during both a stable and/or unstable environment. Understanding how the organization operates in either situation will offer information needed to make the proper adjustments during unstable periods so that there is little to no loss of market share due to unknown obstacles. When times are good this information will give the organization the right information to sustain during stable times and not let an upward spike in performance fall by taking advantage of good times. In the end, taking the right steps to use information from within a diverse workforce will have a continued benefit for any organization. The willingness to use the information in this study will show Adobe’s
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