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Tom Daily- PT3350 – Assignment 1

Chapter 1 Case Incident: How a UPS Manager Cut Turnover

1. In dollars-and-cents’ terms, why did Katriona Roeder want to reduce turnover?

Katriona Roeder wanted to reduce turnover because she knew her annual savings would increase due to lower hiring costs. She was responsible for $255 million in revenue, yet her part-time employees had a turnover rate of 50% per year. She was well aware that fixing this issue would most definitely lead to more productivity and less costs.

2. What are the implications from this case for motivating part-time employees?

The implications to motivate would be to make the building more user-friendly, more guidance and training for new hires. Katriona was aware
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Was he merely “in the right place at the right time,” or are there characteristics about him that contribute to his success?

Oscar’s success could be a result of his particular personality attributes. He seems to be a bit of a risk-taker which may have helped this company grow. He took a risk of pursuing his idea even though he was told that it would not survive. Oscar also took the risk of hiring new employees.
Another factor/trait that may have added to his success would be his proactive personality. He saw an opportunity that no one else had seen, and took the initiative to follow his heart in the venture. Even though it didn’t seem to optimistic at first, he persevered until positive changes happened.

2. How do you believe Rodriguez would score on the Big Five dimensions of personality (extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, emotional stability, openness to experience)? Which ones would he score high on? Which ones might he score low on?

Personally, I think Rodriguez would have scored fairly high in all categories. The reasons for this is because he was very assertive, cooperative with his business associates, persistent in his career plan, calm , and very creative with his business plan.
If there was something that he may have scored low in, it would possibly be in the emotional stability category. I base this on the fact that he may have been suffering feelings of depression and insecurity

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