Organizational Behaviour Case Analysis

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Case Analysis: Leading Change At Simmons Problem Identification In the case ‘Leading Change at Simmons’, the fundamental issue for Simmons Company is whether or not it should go ahead with Eitel’s proposed idea of a culture change program which would cost $7.2 million at a time where the company is encompassed in a myriad of problems and severe economic crises’. The program has had initial success but its future profitability still remains largely uncertain due to high levels of stress and resistance to change found amongst the company’s employees. Analysis and Evaluation Simmons is a well-established, trademark producer of bed mattresses but the company’s organizational structure is not in line with its promulgated…show more content…
To overcome this resistance to change, it is essential that Eitel form positive relationships with his workers along with good support and commitment. He could do this by encouraging better communication in the company and educating the management about his plan by communicating the logic of his proposed changes. If the employees see the full facts and solve the misunderstandings, resistance should subside. This can be done by allowing the employees to develop and form the plans to introduce changes with him which would allow for enhanced participation and acceptance of the change as the employees would have a sense of ownership in the change made which will make it much easier for them to conform once everyone is on board for the decision. Eitel should also make sure that all changes are fair to everyone and do not come of as being biased which could create discrepancies among the workers. Other than that, he should focus on activities such as intergroup development, which seeks to change the groups’ attitudes, stereotypes and perceptions about each other through training sessions, which focus on differences among occupations, departments, or divisions within an organization. Interpersonal relations, goal setting and team building
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