Organizational Behaviour- Case Study Zain Nigeria

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ZaiN Nigeria Introduction A firm‘s organizational structure refers to its formal system of task and reporting relationship controls, co-ordination and motivation that employee are encouraged to work together to achieve organizational goals. It is a pattern of interaction and co-ordination that links technology tasks and human components of the organization to ensure that the organization accomplishes it purpose. (Andrzej A Huczynski, David A.Buchanan, 2007) .Organizational structure allows the expressed allocation of responsbilities for different functions and processes to differrent entites. Employing of individuals in an organizatuonal structure normally is contracted either timely or untimely basis.while process are aimed at…show more content…
Based on the findings, a new strategic plan emerged. One of the proposed solution was to restructure the organization from a tall structure to a flat one which is in line with Lars stork position (Stork, 2009), which suggests that a structural transformation is crucial for a company in sub-Sahara Africa to succeed with the current prevailing global financial challenge Following the acquisition of then, Celtel by the Zain group, it became fundamental to ensure that all of its 23 operations were aligned in terms of culture and structure, which was also a strategy to increase the value of the company to its shareholders. To facilitate this, the Nigerian operation was re-layered to further flatten it. From its original 6 layers which included Chief Officers, Directors, Head of Department (HOD), Managers, Supervisor and Administrators, it was reduced to 4 (Chief Officers, Directors, Manager & Team Members). The major objective is to ensure that Zain Nigeria becomes a leaner, more efficient organization, for the following reasons: ➢ To promote speedy decision-making and communication ➢ Reduce controls and hierarchies, empowers people and builds teams. ➢ Promotes the culture of collective achievement of targets, celebration of

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