Organizational Behaviour

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Q1.Using the Assessment tools we have discussed in unit 6, (McKinsey 7-S framework, Balanced Scorecard, SWOT Analysis etc) provide a complete assessment of the company you are currently working for. If you were CEO what would you change and why - provide your recommendation with a Before and After Organizational chart. - If you are not working at this time - use a past employer.

Ans 1.

Table of Content * Introduction

* Discussion * Complete assessment of the company I work for – M. Muhammad Shafi & Co. * What would I change as the CEO and why * Organizational Charts, Before and After. * Bibliography

Change is very important for any organization because, without change, an
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* Strong R&D and QC * Highly qualified and experienced technical team * Good distribution network * Strong internal IT and communication systems * HR development

Threats * Political conditions of the country (Pakistan) are unfavourable, reducing interest of foreign buyers. * Problems in smooth supply of utilities and increasing costs of energy * Competitors trying to closely follow our developments and offering at lower prices * Bigger part of the market has become very price sensitive after the economic crisis * Consumers switching to alternative materials due to shortage in supply and increase in prices

Opportunities * Huge potential for growth in new markets like Eastern Europe, South America and Australia * Potential to diversify into shoe and bag leathers production * Potential for integration into leather garment manufacturing * Substantial growth in demand of high quality soft leathers for garments and hand bags * Increased demand in bulk quantity economical leather (capacity) * Growth in demand for the spring summer season (traditionally focussed on Autumn/Winter) * Import duty/tax on import from Pakistan withdrawn for imports into Europe.

Exhibit 1: SWOT analysis (Chapman,2005-08)

McKinsey 7’s framework
Here is the 7S model that portrays seven elements of the organization.

Shared Values * To improve and
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