Essay about Organizational Behaviour

1051 WordsMay 12, 20145 Pages My essay will introduce the culture and organizational strategies of I focus on the evolution of, the organization culture with the Schein's three levels of culture, the truth of working on Amazon, why is amazon so successful on the basis of organizational strategies and how to improve in the original basis. Organizational culture could be the core of the company and exists from the start of Organizational culture is the shared values, beliefs, and norms which influence the way employees think, feel, and act towards others inside and outside the organization. The culture can be divided into three levels by Edgar Schein. The first level of culture is surface manifestations. is…show more content…
Basic assumptions are the core of Schein's three levels. This culture started with the thinking of founder and then it develops through a shared learning process. The leader makes some rules to guide the employees' behaviour. The workers enjoy themselves in the comfortable work environment and clearly know what they should do in a responsible manner in organization. They need to click goods for customers among the shelves quickly and accurately. From other factor, the leaders should guide them and provide maximized benefits to employees such as salary, holiday and happy job environment. This organizational culture of belongs to task cultures as a lattice in Handy's culture typology. Task cultures are job and project oriented. Workers of get the job done through the enthusiasm and responsibility. They work as a team efficiently and productivity. The strong cultures are the characteristic of and allow employees to identify themselves in the organization. The warehouse workers indicate they very like the friendly environment in Amazon. One of the organizational strategies of is motivation which bases on drives and needs. Motivation is the cognitive decision-making process through which goal directed behavior is initiated, energized, directed and maintained (Huczynski). According to the theory Y by Douglas McGregor. Amazon believe their employees have self-motivated and
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