Organizational Challenges At Ch2m Hill

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CH2M Organizational Challenges This week’s critical thinking assignment is about organizational challenges at CH2M Hill. The case study, “CH2M Hill: Reinventing Organizational Careers” (Newman, 2013) reviews the challenges the company faced due to acquisition growth, high voluntary employee turnover, and the lack of employee training or internal candidates to staff key leadership positions. CH2M’s Chief Learning Officer, Jan Walstrom, tackled these issues over a course of eighteen months, and this case study reflects the impacts to the organization, her results, and a self-personal reflection of a career at CH2M. Challenges Faced by CH2M Leadership The challenges CH2M leadership faced was they were not growing their employees very well. They had many vacancies in key leadership positions that could not be filled internally, and typically, acquisitions were the source of the resources for their key positions. Employees were leaving because they saw no opportunity for advancement, and overall, the company was not able to compete for projects because they did not have the talent or expertise to win jobs. Employees want their managers to take interest in them personally, and in their career growth opportunities. Facilitating employee learning and development is a competency employees should expect from his or her manager. Google’s famous people analytics team examined data from thousands of employee surveys and performance reviews and discovered the most

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