Organizational Change: A Reflection

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Organizational Change Statistical analysis Data for this assessment originated from the responses of the sample population. The respondents answered a series of questions that aimed at capturing their qualitative values. Other data sources include secondary sources like the police register and notice boards. Change management professionals have emphasized the need to establish organizational readiness for change. The experts recommend numerous strategies for their design. The recommendation appears to be reasonable, with limited scientific base. The subject of organizational readiness for change has not received extensive research, unlike the topic of individual readiness for change (Great Britain Home Office institute, 2004). This paper tackles the issue of organizational change and readiness for that change, through an assessment of the current culture of the police department. The assessment would lead to the recommendations extracted from the field of organizational change. This paper employs the current situation of the police department to stress on the importance of organizational change. The focus on the subject of organizational change features because of my new assignment. The city manager picked me from a pool of competent senior officers because of my track record of implementing organizational change. This paper looks into the current culture of the police and suggests possible ways to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the police agency. My first
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