Organizational Change Activities

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Organizational Change Activities Change activities are healthy for an organization. They keep it up-to-date and relevant within the market place. There are a number of reasons as to why organizations need to change; essentially the organization is in need of a change of because of external factors or a need for a change within the organizational culture. External evolutions of technological and cultural factors can all impact the success of an intended organizational change. Still, such change is often needed to keep an organization healthy. Organizations engage in change activities for a wide number of reasons. Overall, the main reason is to increase the overall success of the organization, whether it is the operational flow or the organizational culture itself. Essentially, organizations engage in change activities to "improve the ability of the organization to adapt to changes in the environment" and to "change employee behavior" (Robbins & Judge, 2008, p 412). External factors can cause an organization to need to revamp its internal strategies. Thus, external factors hold a powerful role in why an organization would need to change. Additionally, organizational culture can have a place in causing a need for change within an organization. When how employees act and function fail to meet organization strategies and objectives, a change is needed in order to intervene and generate a greater sense of balance between the two. There are a number of factors that impact an
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