Organizational Change : An Organization

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With the rapid development of social, they are many increasing uncertainties in the business environment. Organization change aims to the development and improve of organizations, Although the change is not easy to go through, but you must be able to adopt to the new environment. Because a large business environment, organizations constantly face with structural changes, market challenges, and culture shock. When an organization 's development through different life cycles, just like people have to through the successful development of the life cycle. It is to important factor to including factors that are linked to external environmental changes and will improve the internal environment, managerial effectiveness.‘The most common known…show more content…
Organizational change is refers to the use of scientific management methods, Organizational change is the use of science and related management methods, such as right structure of the organization, organizational size, communication channels, the role of setting the relationship between the organization and other organizations, as well as members of the organization 's ideas and spirit of cooperation between members and organization’s systematic adjustment and innovation. External and internal environment Despite the difficulties in interpreting the external environment, organizations do make changes in anticipation of what might be needed, known as anticipatory change. ( Nadler,et al.,1995 ) Samsung is a south Korea famous Electronic Industrial company which mainly makes at Electrical appliances, mobile phones and LCD, etc. It was recognized as one of the world 's largest and successful electronics brands. Samsung was a third most innovative company in the consumer electronics, Samsung grew from a local industrial leader into a worldwide consumer electronics brand (, 2015). Technology companies in the early stages of development, all research and development projects can only be started from scratch, but research needs to continue to try and improve, demand costs will greatly improve. Technology companies in the early stages of
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