Organizational Change And Change Management

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Change Management in IT Environment Presented by Aravind Reddy Vootukuri Wilmington University

1) Abstract
2)Organizational Change During My Employment with Capgemini in 2007 a)Reasons for Change b)Objectives Set for this Change Program c)Used John kotter 's8 step Change model d)Used Change Process
3)Change in Nationwide Electricity UK(External Consultant Approach) a)Planned and Emergent Change b)Used Levin 's Change Model 4)Conclusion

Dr. John Kotter from his 40 years of research by leadership and change he stated that 70% of all organizational transformation efforts fail because organizations don not take a consistent approach to changing themselves or not engaging work forces effectively.
Change is about survival but change management is about modifying or transforming organizations to maintain and improve their effectiveness . Change is necessary for organizations which are into volatile, prosper ,uncertain ,complex and ambiguous environment
How and Why Change is required
a)Generally Change rises from development of new products
b)Entry of new competition
c)Changes in consumer tastes and preferences
d)shifting socio-political and…
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