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Organizational Change and Culture Aurora Fane Union County College March 8, 2017 Organizational Change and Culture Organizational culture is defined as values, beliefs, and expectations that keep organizations together and also influence employees. Culture varies from organization to organization and that is what sets them apart from one another. As an employee, a company’s culture should play a major part when deciding if the organization is a good fit for you. If management is transparent with their employees and there is a clear understanding of what the company’s culture is, and what is expected of everyone, it will have a positive impact on employees. There can also be disadvantages in organizational culture and…show more content…
When the company is facing barriers, employees that are not accepting of the culture need to be dealt with individually, whether it be through additional training or termination (Faucheaux, 2009; Johnson, 2013). I personally experienced a change in culture eight years ago when the company I worked for was bought out by a Fortune 500 company. When I was first hired it was a small “mom and pop” company where there was no culture or values. I am in the business of packaging oil, shortening, and margarine, and it was not until the transition was completed that employees were made aware of the dangers we were facing on a daily basis. Picture a warehouse where there are production lines filling bottles with oil, racks stacked with thousands of pounds of oil, forklifts driving around the production area, and shipping docks. Further, imagine employees walking freely throughout the warehouse without any personal protective equipment. There were risks all around us and we did not realize that at any given moment someone could have been hit with a forklift, or have a pallet of oil fall from above injuring someone, and at the same time creating a slip hazard. We were very lucky that no one was hurt. The very first thing the company did was to educate and train every employee in the warehouse and office on safety. It was made clear that no one was permitted to enter the warehouse without a bump cap, safety glasses, and slip resistant boots. Eventually,

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