Organizational Change And Development Has A Large Impact On The Success Of An Organization

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Organizational change and development has a large impact on the success of an organization. “As modern organizations pursue changes to enhance their competitive positions and their survivability in competitive markets, the successful implementation of organizational change has become an important management task” (Chou, 2014, p. 49). The success of a change initiative in an organization is affected by several variables, however, there are three that might be considered paramount; communication, leadership, and culture. Leadership must be cognizant that change is necessary for growth and that the success of change lies largely with them. Communication management affects change in that it is the nucleus of how interactions within an organization are overseen strategically, and finally organizational culture will impact the effectiveness of organizational change. The combination of strong leadership, effective communication management, and a positive organizational culture has the ability to create a framework for which development, growth, change, and success can be built. Organizations are powered from both the bottom up and from the top down. All employees play a role in the success of the whole. Change implementations, however, begin at the top and are usually “initiated by [the] top management team and [those] reporting directly to the CEO” (Applebaum, Degbe, MacDonald, Quan, 2015, p. 136). Those who are higher up on the organizational pyramid are more likely to support
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