Organizational Change And Development Of Management

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Organizational Change and Development in Management Teresa Sjostrom When Leadership Predestines Failure: The Story of Blue Cloud Development Introduction The CEO of Blue Cloud Development, Shel Skinner, is troubled by the performance of his organization and seeks alternatives to the current methods of operation that may help to improve the cycle time for the release of new software products. Locating a new methodology that he believes will reduce the cycle time, Mr. Skinner hires consultants and implements the new methodology. A year into the implementation, he asks his software engineers their opinion of the new methodology, and is disenchanted when he hears that the opinion of the methodology is…show more content…
In a Leadership Seminar this week, Mr. Skinner learned of the new Agile Methodology for improving the flexibility of the organization and shortening the release cycle of the product. Immediately feeling that this was the answer to the problems within his organization, Mr. Skinner hired external consultants and began to introduce the new methodology. The “After” The principles of the new “Agile” Methodology emphasize breaking up the traditional long-term software development cycle into several smaller iterations (or releases) of the product within short timeframes. (Douglas & Tech Trends, Inc., 2006) “These principles spoke to me on a very fundamental level,” said Skinner. Realizing that the change in methodology would help his organization to better meet the organizational goals for Blue Cloud’s development as well as propel them strategically ahead of their competition, Mr. Skinner hired a group of external experts in the Agile Methodology to get the process going. The current development structure at Blue Cloud was a traditional development environment, so Mr. Skinner set up a meeting with the organization to introduce them to the new methodology. At this meeting, he introduced a group of skilled consultants in the new methodology that were to lead the implementation. Mr. Skinner knew that the proper management of the implementation of the new Agile Methodology was going to take program expertise and a lot of training for
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