Organizational Change And The Current Business Environment

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Nowadays, ever-changing unstable business environment begins to question companies’ decision in using organizational development as a response to organizational change. According to Waddell, Cummings, & Worley (2011) Organizational change is an approach to correct the organization’s strategy in order to be fitted with the current business environment. Organizational change is a natural course for nowadays changing business environment, unavoidable, and managers’ need to make sure that the organization is fit to the changing environments. This is because when an organization are unable to be fit with the current business environment, they will be forgotten and competitors will replace their position. Example of business who are unable to follow business environment is Kodak. Back then, they used to be the most innovative business in their times, but since smartphones substitutes camera, they are not able to overcome the changing business environment and keep being the Kodak that is used to be in their early days. As a consequence, consumers shifted brands because Kodak were not able to meet customers’ needs and demands (“The last Kodak moment”, 2012). There are two approaches that organizations can adopt as a response to organizational change, which are organizational development, and strategic management. Hence, organizational development is one of the best tools to improve the organizations to be better. Organizational development is a process to improve the organization…
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