Essay about Organizational Change At Xe Services

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With time change is inevitable, but sometimes it must be forced ahead of a given schedule, either way it will not be without drawbacks and consequences. As well the attracting and developing, of a quality workforce, with qualified personnel that are the right fit for a particular job and organization should be considered a must. All of this is a monumental task for any given organization, where the most competent, diverse, and skilled of managers may have problems with accomplishing this function; even with the help of a human resources department this task may be no easier. This paper will attempt to explain changes needed in the organization Xe Services (pronounced like the letter Z). As well, a proposal will be made as to how this…show more content…
It also has the ability to reflect negatively upon the U.S. government in the host nations in which the contracts are being serviced, as they are one of the chief organizations for which this service is delivered (Schumacher, 2006).
In Xe’s attraction of a quality workforce capable of supporting the proposed change of employee accountability and self-restraint in given security contract work situations. Human resource selection will be instrumental in laying the ground work for the mustering, effective, and efficient selection from of a viable pool of the right individuals. These candidates must show enough maturity and capability of displaying the needed restraint and acceptance of personal accountability for their individual actions which are not in line with the ideals, policy, procedures, and objectives of the company and customer. The stringent use of personality testing in conjunction with situational testing and interviews will be greatly supportive in this effort (Pell 2001).
In the development of the selected workforce to support the changes to the accountability and self-restraint of employees in given security contract work situations, training and development will be instrumental. This will be a learning experience in that it will seek a relative, permanent or acceptable change in the employees such that their ability
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