Organizational Change : Business Environment

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Organisational Change – Assignment 1 – Thomas Price “Reflecting on the increasing uncertainty in the business environment, how can organisations plan for change? (Consider emergent and planned change).” Change management is the process of preparing and implementing change at both the individual and organisational level in order to achieve organisational success, it provides a structured approach for the individuals in an organisation to adapt to the necessary change (Cameron and Green, 2015). With the current business environment continuously increasing in uncertainty, implementing change can be an extremely challenging process for an organisation. There are two main approaches to change management which are planned change which came around in the 1940’s and emergent change which was developed in the 1980’s (Burnes 2009). Planned change is the traditional approach to change and is when an organisation prepares for a change in their organisational culture by focussing on the differences from its current state to its desired state, whilst highlighting the means to reach its desired state. This change will be one that is carefully thought through and documented being on based on data and information collected (Beckhard, 1969). In order to implement a successful change process, it is necessary to first understand the reasons for change taking place. Theorist Kurt Lewin devised a model of organisation change which is a three step model consisting of: Unfreezing – Change –
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