Organizational Change Diagnosis Paper

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BUS 790 In this paper I evaluate my organization, XXX Corporation (also known as XXX YYYY), on multiple dimensions based on information obtained from three personal interviews with Information Technology, Engineering and Manufacturing as well as my personal experience and information obtained from the public website ( I begin with a summary, and then move into an analysis of our need for change. I provide specific recommendations, which if implemented, will enhance the performance of my organization. It is important to note that I have only been with this company for two months and my level of knowledge of the organization is very limited. I do not have access to key leaders of the organization for personal…show more content…
We maintain revenue by developing innovative products to meet customer needs. We maintain profit through continuous improvement. Provide a comprehensive package of equipment, parts, service and (to a lesser degree) financing. Strategy – Business Model (10/10) Alignment Generating revenue by designing, building and supporting top quality vehicles is congruent with our strategy. Continuous improvement allows us to dynamically meet customer needs while still maintaining a profit. Misalignment None Structure – Business Model (9/10) Alignment The requirements of our business model are strongly aligned with our divisional and functional structures. Misalignment Internal resource coordination and decision making ability could put the business model at risk. However, the business model is working well at this time. Behavior – Business Model (8/10) Alignment The XXX Way supports the business model, the question is “Do our employees live these values?” Our manufacturing employees do. Misalignment It appears that our staff functions do not live these values. I suggest the manufacturing employees play the most critical role in our business model. Industry Analysis (Avg 7.7) We maintain strict control over our suppliers with things such as high quality standards and strict release schedules. Our customers operate in severe conditions, extreme terrain and work long hours. Our customers
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