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Organizational change is a complex process is likely to receive resistance from some; however, when management delivers the positives, resistance is bound to fade. Some salient aspects of organizational change are management will focus on the customers to gain their confidence, focus will on be on the employees to gain their trust, and a relationship will broaden with the suppliers. This paper will describe the organizational change Kodak experienced as a means to maintain success and in this digital driven and diverse economy. George Eastman's wish was to make "photography as convenient as the pencil" and began by creating the first handheld camera which could take pictures with a push of a button in 1889 (Kodak, 2008). He built the…show more content…
Their employees are expected to use only those suppliers which have been approved, which maintains order, keeps the costs low, and continues a friendly relationship with suppliers over the long haul. These employees are provided training in diversity, but also must learn how to analyze bids, product analysis, product and quality management principles, and delivery and cycle time processes are just some of the training processes, the management and employees must receive. Any person using an unauthorized supplier is penalized, and the manager must know what each employee does, as such, the manager must be well versed in e-sourcing and other sourcing aspects, in order to help the employees, customers, and other stakeholders. Kodak needed continuous improvement measures to aid their company with their transformation and to cut costs, and once the initiatives were introduced, they restructured the company and warehouses were closed. The company then focused on trustworthy, reliable, and "responsible growth" as part of their global initiatives (Kodak, 2008).. They rolled out two programs to aid the stakeholders, both internal and external. The first initiatives were FAST and the BOOYAH Certificate program, which aid in improving employee and customer relations, and provided an environment in which to foster pride (Buzzoodle, 2007). The first program called FAST, stands for Focus, Accountability,

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