Organizational Change Management : An Organization

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INTRODUCTION Change management is the process of continually renewing an organization’s mission, structure and capabilities to serve the needs of external and internal culture. At the operational and strategic level of continually successful organizations, the change manager should have no doubt about the organization’s ability to identify where to focus energy or how to manage the change required to reach its potential (Palmer, Dunford, & Akin, 2009). In regards to the importance of the organizational change, effectively determining its catalysts is a defining management skill. Organizations need to be sensitive to the need for change to thrive (Readers ' Forum, 1996). Present and future needs inside and outside an organization are consistently evolving. The organization management structure must have a clear and profound understanding of change catalysts and have the ability to respond to the catalysts on a priority basis (Greve & Taylor, 2000). CATALYSTS OF ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE Political Catalysts An organization is made up of a culture and subcultures. Inside an organization, the cultures work together at times; sometimes, the cultures clash. Political pressure arises when a group of individuals with vested interests within the organization influences the behavior of the group, determining what the group will accept or reject (Greve & Taylor, 2000). Individuals within the culture’s organization may have formal or even informal sources of power. As an example, a
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