Organizational Change Management

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Organizational Change Management
Warrien Poole

This research project focused on organizational change management initiated through strategic planning. Knowing that organizational changes are inevitable and necessary for companies to achieve their mission and goals, the intent was to present an analysis on some of the important areas that could affect successful outcomes. Included are strategy, technology, structure, and people as the four major areas of concentration because they are related and most cases, interchangeable when there is change. There are also techniques explored that counter the resistance of employees either afraid or unwilling to change.
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The science of organization development was created to deal with changing people on the job through techniques such as education and training, team building, and career planning.

Purpose and Objectives
The purpose of this research was to understand how successful organizations adapt strategic planning to the need for change. I also wanted to explore the various methods and responsibilities for implementing changes effectively. My objectives were to identify successful strategies, how to respond to resistance, and effectively implement change.
Collection of information for this project included books, journals, videos, interviews and performance observation with organization administrators and employees.

Findings/Results A successful organization responds intelligently to factors which precipitate change. Economic climates, political trends, changes in consumer demands, management policy or structure, employment levels and financial resources all these elements are constantly at play to ensure that organizations clinging on to static structures will ultimately lose out. But change is a dynamic and alarming thing and HRD must address how to manage it positively, so that employees give their support and the positive goals set are worked towards with enthusiasm. Research shows that the success rate for implementing major organizational change is quite low, for several reasons. First, asking organizations to change the way they conduct their
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