Organizational Change

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Organizational Change Organizational Change Management is “all of the actions required for an organization to understand, prepare for, implement and take full advantage of significant change”. The goals of Change Management are: * The successful design, implementation, measurement and maintenance of an organization’s change initiative * Enhancement of their on-going capacity for managing change Lewin’s force field analysis model states that all systems have driving and restraining forces. Change occurs through the process of unfreezing, changing, and refreezing. One side of the force field model represents the driving forces that push organizations toward a new state of affairs. These might include new competitors…show more content…
Creating an Urgency for Change * Inform employees about driving forces * Most difficult when organization is doing well * Must be real, not contrived * Customer-driven change * Adverse consequences for firm * Human element energizes employees Minimizing Resistance to Change 1. Communication * Communication is the highest priority and first strategy required for any organizational change. * Top strategy for engaging employees in the change process * Improves urgency to change * Reduces uncertainty (fear of unknown) * Problems -- time consuming and costly 2. Learning * Provides new knowledge and skills * Includes coaching and action learning * Helps break old routines and adopt new roles * Problems -- potentially time consuming and costly 3. Employee Involvement * Increases ownership of change * Helps saving face and reducing fear of unknown * Includes task forces, search conferences * Problems -- time-consuming, potential conflict 4. Stress Management * When communication, training, and involvement do not resolve stress * Potential benefits * More motivation to change * Less fear of unknown * Fewer direct costs * Problems -- time-consuming, expensive, doesn’t help everyone 5. Negotiation * When people clearly lose something and won’t otherwise support change *
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