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Organizational Change Change can be a difficult transition however in the world of business whether it is planned or unplanned one can expect change to happen. The definition of change is, “the coordination of a structured period of transition from situation A to situation B in order to achieve lasting change within an organization”. (BNET Business Dictionary) How the change is accepted and adapted to can be the difference of success or failure of an organization. There are different types of change and various reasons as to why change may occur. This paper will discuss the factors that drive organizational change through life experiences as well as factual information. Types of Organizational Change First order change maintains…show more content…
The transformation of each student from each level leads up to a licensed cosmetologist changing the individual that walked in the academy with little to no knowledge. Discontinuous change is the transformation of the core and a student beginning has changed their core of knowledge over the course of 1800 clock hours. The changes that occurred are not in the organization itself but in the individual students and the teaching staff that continually change from beginning to end. Change As with any unfamiliar situation there will be doubt and with change one can experience the same instinct of the unknown and unfamiliar. As humans we become accustomed to the status quo and why change it if it is not broken reasoning. When an organization makes changes it can be unsettling employees as the perceived conception is change is ‘bad’. Change is not necessarily good or bad how change is accepted and adapted to can make it successful or a failure. Change Organizational change is a necessity without change an organization is left behind not being able to compete with the competition. There are many aspects to change such as planning, implementation, and managing each aspect is in and of itself an important step in change. Common reasons that an organization implements change can stem from downsizing, technological advances, mergers and or acquisitions. Downsizing organizations is seen as a second order change because it is a change that will affect the

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