Organizational Change Essay

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Module #6: Critical Thinking Assignment
At the core of every successful organization lies that specific organization’s application of the basic principles of organization development. In the book written by Carter (2004) entitled Best Practices in Leadership Development and Organization Change, the concept of organization development was defined as an organization-wide effort and conceptual initiative intended to increase an organization’s viability and effectiveness. In most cases, organization development is described as a change initiative and educational strategy aimed at changing the values, beliefs, attitudes, as well as the structure of an organization for the betterment and improvement of the overall firm’s
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Based on the studies conducted by Hellriegel and Slocum (2007) regarding the importance and crucial role of diagnosis in starting and implementing organizational change programs, it was identified that through diagnosis, the organization’s information collecting process is accomplished. This makes the organization more aware of the need for such changes in their business process or system. The reality is that sometimes, the implementation of change plans in an organization may create confusion among the members of the firm. Thus, this could lead to various different approaches to implement the change needed in the firm. Another reason why diagnosis is important to be accomplished in organizations is that it importantly guides an organization in terms of making decisions on what specific changes must be implemented in the organization, and how such changes must be executed (Hellriegel & Slocum, 2007).
Explain the concept of organization intervention and why any particular management or organizational change can be considered an intervention. In the book published by Richard Arvid Johnson (1976) entitled Management, Systems, and Society: An Introduction, the concept of organization intervention was defined as the principal learning process in the so-called action stage of the entire organization development. In simple terms, organization interventions
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