Essay on Organizational Change Part I

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Organizational Change Plan Part 1 HCS 587 Organizational Change Plan Part 1 Organizational change is difficult, although necessary to support growth and excellence in the market place. The concept of change can have negative connotations among employees, especially if change implementations have not been successful in the past. This paper is going to describe the need for change, barriers to change, factors that might influence change, readiness for change, the theoretical change model that relates to the change, and resources that support change implementation. The Need for Change The health care system in western Oregon has identified the need to implement Language of Caring to support improvements in patient experience of care…show more content…
Appropriate communication to staff may decrease the fear and anxiety staff may have about the unknowns anticipated with the change implementation. Management should address the personal reasons staff have to resist change, such as the disruption of their routine workflows, or loss of security (Rosenberg & Mosca, 2011). The single most critical factor that may influence the proposed change are the people involved with the change implementation. If the staff are not engaged and do not support the change effort, the implementation will not be successful. Readiness to Change Readiness to change can be explained as the opposite of resistance to change. Readiness to change would include an organizational awareness of the staff’s beliefs, and attitudes regarding the change implementation. “Readiness, which is similar to Lewin's (1951) concept of unfreezing, is reflected in organizational members' beliefs, attitudes, and intentions regarding the extent to which changes are needed and the organization's capacity to successfully make those changes” (Armenakis, Harris, & Mossholder, 1993, p. 1). Readiness to change would require an understanding by staff of what is being changed, how the changes will be implemented, and the ability to connect that understanding with something they care about. Theoretical Model Related to the Change The theoretical model that relates to the proposed change of implementing the Language of Caring, is Lewin’s model
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