Organizational Change Plan 2

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Implementing Immunizations Part II
Jennifer Leigh Longworth
January 10, 2013
Charles Silveri RN, MSN

Implementing Immunizations Implementing immunizations into the clinics can be challenging for the facility and the staff. There are several methods that have been implemented to monitor the methods used by the staff to give the immunizations to the patients in the clinics. There have been several obstacles and challenges that the staff and leaders have faced. As with any changes that take place in patient care within an organization methods must be set up to monitor those changes. Changes promote challenges not just to staff leaders but the organization as a whole. Communication with any changes can be challenging for
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In a military treatment facility changes are implemented differently than in the private sector. In the organization upper management solely consists of military personnel while leadership within the clinic is a mixture of military and civilian personnel. The process of changes is not set in stone but guidelines are set forth from Western region. The actual written standard operating procedure for the facility is implemented and brought to the forefront by upper management. Then upper management delegates the implementation down to the clinic officer in charge for actual rollouts into each clinic (Marshall, Doperak, & Milner, 2011).
The roles of the leadership in the clinics are essential to the success or unsuccessful implementation of change. The attitude of the leadership carries weight on how well the rest of the staff receives the change. Leaders on the clinic level have to accept changes whether good or bad and expect staff to challenge them. Leaders have to be strong and accept the change themselves and to support upper management. There are problems dealing with changes when issues arise between created civilian and military personnel. These issues are not easily dealt with and when changes are ensuing within a facility this causes undue stress within the organization. This is one reason that leadership needs to bring forth and implement changes within an organization as all one team because staff is well suited at picking up any rift
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