Organizational Change Plan

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Organizational Change Plan Part II University of Phoenix HCS 587 Doria Chege September 5, 2011 Organizational Change Plan Part II Change Methods Monitoring change processes during/after implementation determines the effectiveness of the organizational change, unsuspected problems and reveal potential solutions to problems that surface during the change. Dr. Lindsey Medical Clinic recently employed a filing staff to sort records, file records in accordance with the correct patient, and scan records into electronic format. The monitoring process consist of training two file room employees to use a computerized change monitor software. The change monitor software implementation addresses performance evaluations based on…show more content…
The patient information software (ITniserv) prevents medical fraud because accurate records reveal the nature of each patient visit, the medicines disbursed, and the price of patient services. Under the paper method doctors, nurses, and pharmacists experienced difficulty in preventing patient name fraud because patients allowed family members to receive treatment using the patient insurance plans. The difficulty arose because the fraudulent patient changed the middle initial of the existing patient name. Dr. Lindsey medical office experienced high chargebacks from Medicare and other insurance providers. Preventing fraud and medicine abuse is difficult however, an automated tracking system capable of alerting the staff of medicine distributions and duplicate insurance benefit accounts reduces/prevents this problem. Dr. Lindsey medical group achieves regulatory compliance, automated information access and a user-friendly work environment by converting records from paper to an electronic format. Organizational Processes, Systems, and Roles The organizations processes consist of documenting patient visits on paper, writing paper prescriptions, and writing hand-written referrals. The staff engaged verbal doctor/nurse communications for follow up treatment. The problem with verbal communication surfaces when a doctor/nurse forget, which patient chart to
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