Organizational Change Plan

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Organizational Change Plan Part III Introduction Organizational change can be a challenging and difficult process for each person who is involved. Probability of meeting resistance is extremely high; however development of strong leadership base is vital for implementation of an organizational change to be successful. Inadequate staffing in skilled care facilities still remains one of the biggest issues that our nation is experiencing even until now ( Goodwin, 2002). Even when staffing numbers are to the minimum it is requirement of each nurse to use her skills and knowledge to deliver the best care to the patient’s that she is caring for. To eliminate this issue, implementation of nurse staffing plan is a must. Measurements of…show more content…
In order to be successful in implementation of staffing change process, it is imperative that each staffing plan set by staffing committee is carried out and accepted by the organization (Fowler, 2010). In the situation in which the organization does not find this solution acceptable the written and detailed explanation of the reasons is to be provided to committee for re-evaluation. The staffing information should be easily accessible and posted in each nurses station so that everyone is informed. Posted nursing schedule should be updated every shift at least, and available to patient’s and their families upon request. Strong and stable leadership support, engagement, consistent commitment to everlasting quality improvement, and visibility, both in writing and physically, were important in making significant changes. Influential commitment from higher ups was also found to be necessary factor. The lack of resource demands associated with changing process demand senior leadership to guarantee adequate financial resources by identifying sources of funds for training and purchasing and testing innovative technologies and equipment. It is crucial that all key players are given time and opportunity to be actively involved in the change process and that safety is emphasized as an organizational priority and reinforces expectations, especially when the process was delayed or results were
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