Organizational Change Plan Essay

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Organizational Change Plan Tara Parker University of Phoenix Creating Change within Organizations HCS/587 Georgetta Baptist September 02, 2013 Organizational Change Plan Change is unavoidable. The need for organizational changes is the result of various factors. Changes in all aspects of healthcare in the past and currently are the result of continued decreases in reimbursement, advances in technology, and new or changes in government mandates. The focus in health care has shifted toward disease management, and as a result patients are living longer and requiring more long term and home health services. Advances in technology has led to better informed patients and increased expectations of the health care providers. This…show more content…
If communication is poor or absent, the transition will be disastrous. Individual barriers are multiple. Fear and lack of experience with technology is an individual barrier. Computerized systems can be overwhelming and challenging to use because of the multiplicity of options, screens, and navigational aids that health care professionals may not be used to, which may bring forth great fear in employees. Much of this fear may even be fear of the unknown. In addition, lack of experience and frustration with technology may significantly impede the learning process and cause employees to abandon the new system altogether (Randeree, 2007). Another significant barrier that hinders change to be successful is through lack of buy-in from staff related to unenthusiastic management. It is well-known that organizations that do not possess an advocate for the change have a higher implementation failure rate (Anderson, 2009). If management conveys excitement and optimism surrounding the change, employees are likely to follow. However, if this is absent, employee motivation will
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