Organizational Change Plan Part Iii

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Organizational Change Plan Part III
“Fall Prevention at a Rehabilitation Hospital”
Lisa Schorling
May 7, 2012
Pamela Young Hobbs

Introduction Organizational change can be an intimidating process for everyone that is involved. Resistance may be met, which is why strong leadership is crucial for implementation of an organizational change to succeed. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the effectiveness of an organizational change once implementation has occurred. It will also discuss outcome measurement strategies related to the organizational change process to include the tools necessary for these measurements. During this paper analysis of costs, quality of care and patient satisfaction measurements will also
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When utilizing feedback as a way of measuring effectiveness of the organizational change it can be by way of surveys from staff, meetings, questionnaires and so on. Feedback helps to communicate ideas better to management so that quality care can continue to improve and goals can continue to be reached. Feedback is used by managers as a tool to respond to and to anticipate changes (Spector, 2010).
Outcome measurement strategies One possible outcome measurement strategy that will be utilized will be patient satisfaction surveys. These surveys are sent out after patients have been discharged from the rehabilitation hospital. The surveys consist of questions that cover the quality of care received by nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, dietary services, speech therapy, physician care, etc. The survey also covers the hospital itself, to include cleanliness, noise level and so on. These surveys will allow the quality management director to collect data on areas that need improvement and areas that are doing well. The areas that need improvement will show where training can be developed or new policies developed to assist with implementing new changes or making adjustments to the current changes. The way an organization measures revenues highly influences how employees behave and how management makes decisions

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