Organizational Change : The Seagram 's Company

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Consulting Proposal #1
Lawrence Littleton
Liberty University
BMAL 504 – Leading Organizational Change Definition of Project:
The Seagram’s company has come a long way gaining strength and empowering truth with its mergers with Martell S.A. cognac, Tropicana products, and MCA Universal. Seeking justification and definition within their new found allegiance, a new horizon of skepticism became clear about the communication within the company. Seagram’s Co. positions to rise above as one of the most prolific brands leads to many detrimental decision making task and leadership expertise to push for greatness. An abundance of newly learned abilities needs to be implemented to uphold a creative stationary bound among this greatness. Training that’s comprehensive outside the top 1,200 to the other 15,000 personnel stand as a necessity, Alumni assemblies to show appreciation to bring the bound together, and communication support groups to keep the focus on ethics will be the new definition for the companies’ standards (Jick, T. D., & Peiperl, M. A. 2011).
We will use risk management tools for formal risk analysis to uncovered several barriers organizations face when trying to implement these probabilistic approaches, including a lack of organizational support, a lack of procedures, a lack of technical expertise to implement and interpret outputs, and a lack of transparency amongst stakeholders. By focusing on overcoming these barriers through training employees will adopt the…
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