Organizational Change : Tragedy Or Transformation

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Engaging Employees in the Change Process
Cornelius Cash
Grand Canyon University
LDR825-Organizational Change: Tragedy or Transformation
July 27, 2016

Leading change management requires establishing a theoretical foundation that supports change initiatives. This document will research the theoretical elements of change and change management models. Addressed will be the following: factors that contributed to the organic evolution of change, methodologies used in formulating strategic development approaches, commensurate leadership and management skills used to sustain growth during change management and data retrieval and analysis. As businesses continue to change and evolve the need for flexibility within
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Technology innovations and breakthroughs have forced businesses to adapt or risk losing customers to the more agile and flexible competitors. According to Dulipovici & Vieru (2015) new technologies are moving businesses into the virtual realm. Customers are able to use a smartphone to make a purchase with a credit card and have it shipped to a location anywhere in the world. Technology has allowed hotels and airlines to install do-it-yourself kiosks to expedite reservations. This has helped these two critical service industries to streamline operations while improving service to consumers.
Formulating Strategic Development Approaches
When discussing adapting to change management the organization must consider implementation of core competencies that are new and innovative. These challenges faced by the organizations require agility and a shift in strategic congruence that strengthens market adaptation. As business strategies transition, capabilities within functional departments must evolve as operational strategies are implemented.
The concept of adaptation suggests organizations develop new core capabilities. The organization must choose the strategic development approach that is compatible with existing competencies. During an organizational modernization effort, a number of variables exist simultaneously that affect the acceptance of change within an
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