Organizational Change and Healthcare Management Essay

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For several decades health care has been tied to the economy and with the current downturn we see continued efforts to control and reduce over-head costs. Health care organizations in their effort to become more efficient and address changes in the industry have altered their strategic business plans. Lee & Alexander (1999) researched organizational change in hospitals and their survival, in this paper I hope to discuss their findings and add other examples to validate their conclusions.
Core and Peripheral Changes with Regard to Hospital Re-organization
Found in the organizational structure and studied in hospital re-organization is the core and periphery both are varied systems that relate to the identity of the hospital and it’s
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Core changes are less common than peripheral changes in the organization of hospitals. Using Lee & Alexander’s study 1 percent of the hospitals had core changes compared to 36.6 percent having peripheral changes. The percentages of change clearly identify peripheral changes as the more common organizational changes thus making it the more detrimental of the two. Another limitation should have been added stating that the rates of failure in core changes was not separate nor compared to those of peripheral changes.
Peripheral changes were seen as a type of quick-fix solution to a problem vice development of business strategy and well-planned implementation, this nearly guaranteed their failure. When any organization is in danger of failing, short-term solutions that have the biggest impact are initiated first and sometimes without analysis, planning, or communication. Regardless of the type of change an organization requires to remain successful, they must make sure that the organizational design is aligned with both organizational strategy and strategic plans.
Impact on Organizational Change Decisions for Health Care Organizations The Lee & Alexander (1999) study in general showed that when change occurs organizational characteristics following it are
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