Organizational Change and Personal Leadership Development Plan

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Organizational Change and Personal Leadership Development Plan Project Management Leadership/ BUS 518 Describe specific practices that successful project managers apply in exercising their leadership and management roles overall. Project managers play the leading role in the project management process: They are accountable for the completion and delivery of projects. They create an atmosphere of teamwork and collaboration in which a defined goal can be achieved in a controlled and structured manner by a group of people. Project managers manage projects on a day-to-day basis, maintain a continuous focus on moving projects toward their defined objective, drive the decision-making process and execute milestones according to plan…show more content…
The Department of Defense had a problem with contractors making a profit or earn their contracted wages. Stokley knew that somehow the organization and the contractors had to work on the same page. She began to change the culture of contractors and the organization. She knew that money had to be giving to the contractors in order for them to do their job efficiently. Stokley began to show the organization that they had to trust the customer and they would trust you (Laufer, 2012). . Stockley also understood until she officially downsized that the culture of the organization would not change. She believed that without a radical change in culture of the organization, involving a shift from control to trust and responsibility, her mission would not be truly accomplished (Laufer, 2012). Stockley had to relieve people that really did not have a purpose any longer that were only awaiting their retirement. She just did not want to come in and start handing out pink slips however she had to find out the who could move on with her project mission. Indicate three (3) key learning and behavior modification strategies that Judy Stokley used in order to address AMRAAM’s organizational problems and gain the trust of project team members. Provide three (3) specific examples to support the response. Studying how groups of people or individuals themselves interact within larger systems or an "organization" is called organizational behavior.
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