Organizational Change and Stress

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Topic: Organizational Change and Stress FUNDAMENTALS OF CHANGING AN ORGANIZATION * DEFINING CHANGING AN ORGANIZATION > The process of modifying an existing organization to increase organizational effectiveness – that is, the extent to which an organization accomplishes its objective > These modifications can involve virtually any organizational segment, but typically affect the lines of organizational authority, the levels of responsibility held by various organization members and the established lines of organizational communication * IMPORTANCE OF CHANGE The study of organizational change is extremely important because all managers’ at all organizational levels are faced throughout their careers with the task…show more content…
ix organization are also called PROJECT ORGANIZATION There are several advantages and disadvantages to making structural changes such as those reflected by the matrix organization MAJOR ADVANTAGES * Such structural changes generally result in better control of a project * Better customer relations * Shorter project development time * Lower project costs * Matrix organizations are flexible enough to allow managers to shift resources to special projects as needed DISADVANTAGE * Such structural changes generally create more complex internal operations, which commonly cause conflict, encourage inconsistency in the application of company policy, and result in a more difficult situation to manage * PEOPLE CHANGE Successfully changing people factors necessarily involves some consideration of structure and technology, the primary emphasis is on people * COMMONLY USED MEANS OF CHANGING ORGANIZATION MEMBERS * DESCRIBING PEOPLE CHANGE: ORGANIZATION DEVELOPMENT (OD) PEOPLE CHANGE Emphasizes increasing organizational effectiveness by changing certain aspect of organization members The focus of this kind of change is on such factors as employee’s attitude and leadership skills The process of people change can be referred to as ORGANIZATION DEVELOPMENT (OD) * GRID OD One traditionally used OD technique for changing people in organizations is called GRID ORGANIZATION DEVELOPMENT, or GRID OD * MANAGERIAL GRID Basic
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