Organizational Changes Within The Public Bodies

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1. Introduction
With the rapid growth of globalization, organizations face rapid changes like before. This is because globalization has significantly increased the markets as well as the opportunities for more growth and revenue. Campbell and Brown (2015) have opined that in the present scenario of stiff climatic pressure as well as evolving political priorities, organizational changes within the public bodies is gradually increasing the priority. Therefore, it can be stated that organizational is one of the complex processes that have negative as well as positive outcomes and as such it is worth looking at the available evidence so that the process is conducted as efficiently as well as effectively as possible. In this particular task the main focus would be on some of the integral parts of organizational changes and to carry on this particular task, Yahoo has been selected.
Therefore, through this research work, the researcher would try to outline as well as discuss the role of diagnosis as well as feedback in the overall process of organizational changes and the ways to achieve that efficiently (Carlson 2015). Apart from that, an analysis would be made to find out whether the feedback is an essential element in an organizational development intervention or not. It has been found that Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo has been in the headlines as she has introduced some of the organizational changes into the corporation. The changed policies adopted in the company have been
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