Organizational Chart For An Organization

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Abstract For many years, large corporations have used a particular diagram/chart to organize their company. Since sophomore year in college, the organization of the organizational chart was interesting. The organizational chart is formatted in three different formats such a Hierarchical, Matrix and Horizontal. Each form can be used for various companies and organizations depending on how big the group is. Even though there are different formats they all still give the same information. Each organizational chart will allow the company to show and see how the company works together to make the corporation successful. Also, the diagram will show all jobs positions with a detailed job description and will describe how each department relates…show more content…
Finally, we will discuss the utilization of the organizational chart as a management tool. "Structure is an entity made up of elements or parts (such as people, resources) that impact each other by the relationship they create. A structural relationship is one in which the various parts act upon each other, and consequently generate particular types of behavior." (Fritz, 1996:4) In his classic Corporate Tides, Fritz arguments that in practice organizational structures are hardly designed in a thoughtful fashion. Minor structures developed into larger ones and individual divisions convert into the focus of directorial power. Fritz says that (1996:5): 'Departments and divisions become entrenched as power systems. ' Fritz also debates that organizations are structured either to spread or to hesitate. When an organization expands or spreads, it is an active movement from one stage to another stage. The Fundamental to a structural advancement is the idea of the resolution when a result is accomplished, and a particular issue is fixed. According to Fritz (1996:6), management in an organization that is structured to advance coordinate 'individual acts into an organizational tapestry of an effective strategy. The alternative is structural oscillation. Fritz (1996:6) says this: "Oscillating behavior is that which moves from one place to another, but then moves back towards its original position." There have been many organizations to be
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