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Organisational Climate Survey

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Organisational Climate: A proven tool for improving business performance

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What Is Organisational Climate? The term “organisational climate” can be used in either a technical or a colloquial sense. As a technical term, it is defined as “a set of measurable properties of the work environment, based on the collective perception of the people who live and work in the environment and demonstrated to influence their motivation and behaviour.” As an everyday term, it describes the way it feels to work in an organisation. People use “climate” as a catchall phrase to describe the overall “tone” or
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It is low when there is confusion over who has decision-making authority. Scores on this dimensions measure the feeling of pressure to improve performance and the degree of pride employees take in doing a good job. High scores mean people are always looking for ways to improve performance. Low scores reflect lower performance standards.


Responsibility Scores on this dimension reflect the feeling employees have of “being their own boss” and of not having to constantly check decisions with others. High responsibility scores signify that employees are encouraged to solve problems on their own. Low responsibility scores indicate that risk taking and the testing of new approaches tend to be discouraged.


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A Proven Tool for Improving Business Performance



Scores on this dimension indicate the feeling of being rewarded for a job well done. This is a measure of the emphasis placed on reward versus criticism. High-recognition climates are characterised by an appropriate balance of reward and criticism. Lower scores on recognition mean that good work is inconsistently rewarded. Scores on this dimension reflect the feeling of trust and mutual support that prevail in the organisation. Support is high when employees feel they are part of a well-functioning team and they sense they can get help when they need it. It is low when employees feel isolated and alone. Scores on
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