Organizational Commitment For Employees, Reducing Turnover And Increasing Workplace Productivity

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The purpose of this research paper is to show that organizations are taking steps to enhance the commitment of their employees, thus reducing turnover and increasing workplace productivity. Organizational commitment is generally defined as “(1) a strong desire to remain a member of a particular organization; (2) a willingness to exert high levels of effort on behalf of the organization; and (3) a definite belief in, and acceptance of, the values and goals of the organization” (F. Luthans, B. Luthans, & C. Luthans, 2015). Two main ways organizations are doing this is by offering new types of benefits and improving workplace conditions in order to increase the overall well-being of their employees. Google will first be exemplified to demonstrate a company that has an effective organizational commitment plan. Examining the structure of this company provides insight into what the modern workforce is looking for. Environmental elements and a newer style of benefits are key factors in obtaining a high level of organizational commitment. As shown on the next page, this high level of organizational commitment that companies are trying to obtain can reduce their turnover rates and increase their productivity, leading to a more successful and competitive organization. This paper attempts to explain this equation by looking specifically at the factors of benefits and workplace conditions.

Figure 1. High Organizational Commitment. Benefits and environment are factors that lead to high…
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