Organizational Communication : An Organization

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Organizational Communication Prespectives YourFirstName YourLastName University title INTRODUCTION Organizational Communication Perspectives Organizational communication perspectives refer to the different approaches to evaluating the interactions between individuals working in an organization. The criteria apply to horizontal, lateral and vertical communication. Organizational communication perspectives describe and illustrate the flow of information in an organization. Through the various organizational communication perspectives, an organization understands and both the internal and external communication environment. This essay shall cover the three types of communication and show how the Four Seasons Hotel can apply them. Moreover, the theories of management shall be discussed in lieu to organizational communication in the Four Seasons Hotel. The Four Seasons Hotel is a Canadian-based company and has been in operation for over five decades. The organization has since expanded and extended operations to close to one hundred hotels spread all over the world. The Four Seasons Hotel is dominant in the hospitality industry due to its beliefs and principles that guide its service delivery. In 2011, the hotel introduced an innovative organizational structure in effort to adapt to the changing global hospitality industry. In addition, the new management structure seeks to improve communication in the organization. Management theories aid in boosting the
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