Organizational Communication Case Study: Coca Cola Company

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Organizational Communication Case Study: Coca Cola Company


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Page 2 – Concept: 'organizational identity'
Page 5 – Data: Coca Cola Company

In this case study of the Coca Cola corporation Coca Cola's corporate identity will be analyzed. This will be done through analysis of a few advertising campaigns. In this way, Coca Cola's external identification attempts can be understood from an organizational communication perspective. However, to understand these 'branding' efforts it is imperative to know what the concept of 'organizational identity' is about and what its key aspects
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Through advertising organizations 'shape their own identity while simultaneously offering individuals a resource for personal identity' (Cheney et al., 2011: 111). This means that advertising campaigns are a way for the organization to define again who they are, while the campaigns also offer individuals the opportunity to use the advertising campaign in their personal attempts to shape their individual identity. The corporate identity is then also used by individuals, both employees and customers, as a resource for their personal identity. “Many of us express our uniqueness primarily through affiliation and identification with particular groups” (Cheney et al., 2011: 112). It is therefore significant to recognize the idea that affiliation and identification with organizations are central in the shaping of both personal and organization identity. However, our case study focuses more on the organizational side of the story; on the concrete actions of Coca Cola and the way those actions affects the corporate identity or, differently said, how the identity has changed after both advertising and affiliation campaigns. Affiliation campaigns might link an organization to for example a charity or event (sponsoring). This occurs because organizations need validation for their identity; they associate themselves with organizations that have a positive image. When the organization gets linked with another organization with a positive image, this

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