Organizational Communication

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Organizational Communication

Organizational Communication is probably the most important type of interpersonal communication a person has to perform in his or her adult life. Communicating with others in the work environment is a process that can not be looked at as a small one, but as a very complex and of utmost significance to a person's life as a whole. We all know communication is a key factor in everyone's life, and communicating in the work place is just a larger key for cultural expectance and normalcy. Everyone communicates with each other in all different aspects of society. When you are younger, school is the main agency for social communication and in later life it is the job you occupy. It is socially stated and seen as a
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But lets move on from that stage into the second one. Let's say you decide to enter the job and proceed with the socialization process. The second stage is called the encounter stage, or the breaking in period. This is in most cases the most difficult stage to go through. This is the stage where you start to understand the attitude, behavior, and communication type in your work environment. In early Socialization it's very tough to know what to expect. Go back to remembering that first day on the new job. You don't know how the people act, or how they communicate with each other. There are many factors to take into consideration. The only way to learn is time. You not only have to learn how they communicate in business issues but personal issues as well. Face it, the work place is a social agent. Work is not always the number one thing on everyone's mind. Social personal communication behaviors are a very important part of the process of organizational communication. The major thing in the process is that a basic interest line is already set in the simple fact that you are co-workers, so you must communicate, and therefore will have a common issues to communicate about. In early part of this stage you try to incorporate past job experiences to use as a communication link. That is what you originally try to base the pattern of
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