Organizational Communication

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Organizational Communication
Shaniqua Jackson
COM 425: Effective Communication in Organizations
Instructor: Jeremiah Convery
February 11, 2013

Communication addresses how information circulates among the employees of a company, how information is passed from one person to another in ways such as email, phone conversations and face-to-face also known as formal and informal communication. Both methods are used with the lower-level employees and within supervisors and management patterns of communication. Communication is one of the most important skills that one can have to be successful in life. Whether you’re a student, a family member, a friend, or an employee one cannot just do away with communication. Communication is not only
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The culture in the workplace controls the way the employees behave among themselves as well as with the people they serve. The work culture unites the employees who are otherwise from different backgrounds, families and have varied attitudes and mentalities. This allows the employees a sense of unity within the workplace. (Ghillyer, 2007)
Communication helps to promote motivation by informing and clarifying they employees about the task to be done, in which they are performing their assigned duties and in which they can improve their performance if managers see the need to asset that area. This also plays a huge role in altering the individual attitudes. Organizations have the ability to asset and correct employees if they see someone not representing the organization in the correct manner. If not handled in an appreciate manner can lead to conflict and the communication channels can be discarded and not handled effectively. Conflict is defined as: to come into collision or disagreement; be contradictory, at variance, or in opposition; clash. Conflict can be the result of competition in the workplace for resources such as work space and with ones position i.e.; the demonstration of skills and ability, relationship with the boss, co-workers, vendors and customers.
Organizations that have mastered the art of conflict resolution have a business advantage. A positive conflict outcome removes performance barriers and allows organizations to meet
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