Organizational Communication: Helps The World Stay Functional?.

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Organizational Communication: Helps the World stay functional?

Throughout the many aspects in the Communication studies we have looked through this, many have major contribution within our American and Global society. We understand the practice of non-verbal communication. We understand the cyber culture of communication and how technology has developed the way we communicate. Nonetheless, out of the many aspects and theories, organizational communication is one of the most prevalent in the American society. America is well established for big business and corporations that work with and through communication. With organizational communication, it upholds the efforts of what make a business or organization functional.
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The element of management talks about planning, organizing, command, coordination, and control. When looking in depth at the elements you understand that these are the basic tools that are needed to run a business. With me trying to start my own business these elements seem like they might be useful to run the business successfully. When looking through the definition of organization communication we must get a deeper view in the business industry to understand the true functions. There are two communication aspects that business focuses on, which is internal and external communication. Internal communication deals with the flow of information among the members of the business. The communication flow can go in multiple directions confined in the structure of the chain-of-command and culture. With external communication, its core purpose is revolved around the communication between members of the business/organization. This also includes the many external parties such as customers, manufacturers, general population and so on. Both aspects help build a relationship in the business/organization. Communication is essential to building relationships between staff members and between levels of employees, both on a professional and social level. With a good atmosphere in the workplace with open communication makes its safe for employees to express their idea. In organizational communication, Fayol’s came up with a theory called classical management. In his
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