Organizational Communication: Processes Underlying Communication Success and Failure

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Another reason for why non-verbal communication is superior for organizational communication is that people can transmit a message naturally and even do not need to speak out to make others understand the meaning unconsciously. Firstly, body language helps us conducting the discussion. It will not make sense until you response to other’s talking. When we agree with others, we will show our understanding through nodding our heads or raising our thumbs. Secondly, we sat very close to each other when we were discussing, like friends more than group mates that help us to establish the relationship more friendly and warmer. Orlova(2010) emphasised the reason of why the use of spaces is mainly significant when people have interaction in groups is because where group members sit relative to one another have an effect on the flow of the conversation.

Face-to-face communication contribute to the successfully communication as well. Rick et al. (2009) found that because face-to-face communication is produced in real time, speakers have direct feedback on how their message is being understood as it is being delivered. In our discussion group, our entire group members insist of having group meeting in campus everyday contributed to the success of the discussion most. Face-to-face communication is able to make sure that each of us merely focuses on our discussion in the particular time. Despite the fact that face to face communication
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