Organizational Communications in Staples Inc Case Study

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ORGANIZATIONAL COMMUNICATION I Can Hear You, But I Can’t HEAR You: Effective Organizational Communication Shawna Lovato Western Governor’s University Abstract Most human beings are born with the physical ability to talk and speak words. Most are also born with the physical ability to hear words spoken by others. What humans are not born with however is the skill to form those spoken words into a meaningful message for others to interpret and provide feedback on, or, the skill to communicate with one another. This paper looks at the process of communication and how it is utilized within the business world to relay information and send messages between management and subordinates. It will also look at potential barriers to effective…show more content…
What Lewis needed to do was develop a communication strategy that was both effective, and appropriate for her staff. Developing an effective communication strategy involves five interactive variables and their affect on one another. This include the sender’s communication strategy, the message receiver’s strategy, the actual message strategy, the chosen medium strategy and the cultural background strategy (Munter, M., 2006). The first step in Jeanne Lewis developing an effective communication strategy is to concentrate her objectives to make changes within the organization. More specifically, the objective needs to be broken down into a plan of action for the particular goal and the desired outcomes from employees. Lewis also needs to make the message audience-specific. In developing a communication strategy for the marketing department, the objective and desired outcomes need to be relevant and meaningful to employees of the marketing department. Because Lewis was continuously seeking information, ideas and input from her employees, encouraging them to collaborate with her and with others within the department, it makes sense for Lewis to use the “consult/join” style of communication. This style is also referred to as the “inquiry” style and involves working together, sharing ideas and information (Munter, M., 2006). This strategy is appropriate for
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