Organizational Communicaton Skills in the Workplace

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Organizational communication skills in workforce • 1: Why have you chosen this topic? Undoubtedly, organizational communication is becoming increasingly complex. Today’s manager must communicate with people who do not speak the same language or share the same culture, align diverse employees toward shared organizational goals, and create synergy among many different kinds of communication media. Despite the new communication challenges that managers face today, the basic lessons of communication have not changed nor will they change in the future. Employees will continue to want to be heard, understood, and respected. They will want to know what they should be doing, for whom, and by when. They will want to know how they are doing and where they stand. And they will want to find meaning in their work so that they can feel that they are giving their time and energy toward something worth doing. Furthermore, the quality of relationships between managers and employees has o significant impact on their work effectiveness, career success (in terms of number of promotions, salary increases, and job satisfaction), and personal well-being. Therefore, this paper focuses on organizational communication skills in workforce to help us understand how to behave in workplaces, especially for the graduating students who have not work before. • 2: Critical Literature Review Section Introduction: Structure of the literature review: In this paper, the author will analyse organizational

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