Organizational Competiveness And Overall Goal Achievement

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Final BUS316-OL Essay 1. Organizational Competiveness and Overall Goal Achievement The other three goals (enhancing productivity and quality, complying with legal and social obligations, and promoting individual growth and development) aid organizations in accomplishment of facilitating organizational competiveness by helping the company establish a strong and positive reputation, as well as increase their effectiveness in business competition through a strategic perspective. This is done by “competing for the right to continue to work towards its purpose (DeNisi & Griffin, 2016).” Organizations who remain compliant with the law and societal standards, they will be perceived as a respected business, if they do not remain complaint they will be seen as less reputable and may experience troubles in recruiting or retaining talent and may have less funds to support extra benefits or efficient equipment because they are paying more in legal fees (DeNisi & Griffin, 2016). The inability to keep up with technological advances may hinder overall efficiency and productivity and cost more in repairs. It may also produce a lower quality product in comparison to another organization with more updated equipment. The inability to recruit talent could cause the company to miss out on innovative ideas that they bring, but the reputation of a company that has a high turn-over may result in decreased productivity because of staffing shortages, but may also cost the company more in salaries
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