Organizational Culture : A Diverse And Inclusive Workplace

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According to, the company’s goals are to improve customer satisfaction and create a healthy and safe lifestyle for its employees. Entergy strives to treat its employees with respect and dignity while creating an atmosphere of integrity and achievements. Entergy is a very large company who has its own unique culture that strives to be diverse and inclusive. This paper will talk about Entergy’s culture, how change effects that culture, how members are brought in and socialized, and how the spirit of our Lord is integrated. Entergy’s culture “Organizational culture is the pervasive system of values, beliefs, and norms that exist in any organizations. The organizational culture can encourage or discourage effectiveness depending on the nature of the values, beliefs and norms” (Ivancevich, Konopaske, & Matteson, 2011, p. 565). Entergy culture is to treat people with respect, act with integrity, take actions that will result in achievements and most importantly to create and sustain a healthy life. Entergy is a diverse and inclusive workplace and looks to promote employees from within the company. It is a friendly and fun place to work even with its extensive safety rules and regulations. Culture is formed Entergy’s culture was created to provide customer satisfaction while creating a safe and healthy work environment for its employees. Due to the safety risk, all departments are held to a high safety standard in order to lower the risk of fatal injuries.
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